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99P Labs is a digital proving ground for mobility and energy innovators embedded in central Ohio’s diverse community of educators, businesses, governments, startups, and students.

99P Labs serves as a collaborative research ecosystem that can help further develop mobility and energy concepts through customer empathy, data science, and business innovation.

99P Labs’ Developer Portal provides access to datasets generated by the vehicles of today and connected vehicles of the future, thus enabling our partners to co-create sustainable mobility futures, from mobile and web apps to analytics dashboards and other data-based innovations.

Key features of 99P Labs' Developer Portal include:

• Data APIs and analytics tools environment to analyze societal needs and build targeted solutions.
• Portal to submit identified needs, ideas, and solutions and to share datasets and areas of interest.
• Pathway to partner on student-based hackathons, where tomorrow’s generations can start innovating solutions today.

As innovators come together at 99P Labs to further develop mobility and energy concepts, they will pivot in many directions—based on their shared learnings and even shared failures. That’s okay. Unsuccessful business models are not how we achieve sustainable mobility futures. That is why we believe in 99 pivots to 100-percent success, always adapting and continually striving for that one partner, that one idea, that one innovation needed to succeed.

+ About 99P Labs’ Rajeev Chhajer:

Rajeev Chhajer’s passion for technology and entrepreneurship began in India, when he started building websites for his father’s eCommerce startup. To build upon this newfound passion, Rajeev studied Computer Engineering in Mumbai and later completed his Post-Baccalaureate Business Program at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in 2005, Rajeev joined Tata Consultancy Services, and then moved to the U.S. in 2007 to work as a Software Engineer at Honda R&D Americas. From 2012 to 2015, he co-founded and led his own startup, and then he returned to Honda to continue his research into connected technologies and services.

Today, Rajeev is supporting Honda’s work at 99P Labs, focusing on shared and connected transportation research and data analytics—to help fulfill 99P Labs’ vision for a sustainable society where people can enjoy life through the joy and freedom of mobility.



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